Resurrection Exhibition

Resurrection Exhibition

Past Event

Thu 5 Nov - Sun 29 NovAll day

Gloucester Gallery is open Thursdays - Saturdays 10am - 4pm and Sundays 10am - 1pm

Gloucester Gallery
25 Denison St
Gloucester NSW 2422


Resurrection is a collaborative exhibition by Lynda Love and Didier Colstoun.

Lynda is a prolific avid artist who intentionally colours outside the lines as she refuses to fit in any box. She loves to create and has stumbled across the magical alternative photographic process of Cyanotype. She is a quiet story teller who resides in Blueys Beach area with her family and is constantly inspired by the nature that surrounds her.

Didier is originally from France has lived in Australia for decades. Didier found himself on a self discovery trip in the Northern NSW area of Mullumbimby in 2013 stumbled upon pins and other odd pieces of heavy metal on long-abandoned and discarded railroads. He focused on the odd and old, deeply rusted pieces of heavy metal lying scattered by the side. So he embarked on the potential to make designs, motifs and configurations.

Both come together with their ingenious activity which has developed and beautifully resurrected into aesthetic creations.


10am – 4pm Thursday to Saturday

10am – 1pm Sunday

Entry is free.