'Pigment & Clay' exhibition

'Pigment & Clay' exhibition

By Karen McPhee & Kate Wheaton

Thu 18 Jul - Sun 11 Aug10am - 2pm

Gloucester Gallery
25 Denison St
Gloucester NSW 2422


'Pigment & Clay' exhibition at Gloucester Gallery.

Karen McPhee

Bachelor Visual Arts, Sydney University

Fine Arts Diploma, TAFE NSW

I approach my practice of drawing and painting by employing a ‘no right or wrong’ viewpoint and embrace the adventure and unknown when developing a visual artwork.

Taking inspiration from the world around me, I often commence a work with a loose concept such as ‘landscape’, ‘still life’ or ‘botanicals’ etc, as a means to explore composition, colour and mark making. I have found that drawing from observation allows me to gain a sense of perspective and understanding of a subject, whilst also the freedom to work with this experience in a more creative, gestural and abstract way.

By utilising this fluid approach, my art works develop with every addition or subtraction of line, shape or colour throughout the entire creative process.

Kate Wheaton- Barrington Coast Ceramics

Kate is a ceramicist based in the Hunter. She grew up in Gloucester, and runs a rural accommodation business with her family “Barrington Hideaway” where she has a ceramic studio. Kate draws inspiration for her work from the beautiful natural surrounds of the Barrington Coast, and has been exploring the use of hand dugs clay and natural fibres in her work.

Kate works predominantly on the pottery wheel, where she shapes her vessels, later carving, burnishing or adding woven elements. She likes to leave her vessels unglazed to showcase the natural clay surface, whilst glazing the interior so they can be used to hold liquid for functionality. Natural fibres are hand collected, dried and then twined to form an additional connection to the natural world.

Thu 18 Jul - Sun 11 Aug 2024

This exhibition is open daily:

  • Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 2pm
  • Sunday 10am - 1pm