Opening Your Heart with Cacao & Art

Opening Your Heart with Cacao & Art

Past Event

With Danielle Delaney & Daniella Ruru

Tue 16 Mar7pm - 9pm

Bungwahl Hall
2473 The Lakes Way
Bungwahl NSW 2423

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A Circle for Ceremony, Creativity, Connection, Celebration & Co-Creation.

Come and experience a sacred cocoa ceremony and art making ritual hosted by lovely local ladies, Danielle Delaney and Daniella Ruru.

With Danielle and Daniella holding space and guiding ritual in an intimate circle of thirteen.

All cacao and art materials will be provided.

Please bring a symbolic piece to place in the Alter Space of our Circle.

Bring your favourite mug along for your cacao, and your water bottle. We will sit together on the floor of the Bungwahl Hall, so please bring a pillow/booster/yoga/mat/blanket to make yourself comfortable.

Please contact Danielle or Daniella personally before our gathering on

[email protected]

[email protected]