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Noah Young, a local Fremantle Musician who started his music career with 2 songs and a dusty old six-string busking on the streets of Fremantle. With no equipment yet, he learnt to project his voice to echo through the streets and catch the ears of locals and tourists alike. Bending blues ballads for bread and bean money lovingly given by his hometown folk.

One can’t quite put Youngs sound into any singular category. His covers and originals have influences coming from classic Blues, Jazz, Funk, and Rock. Mr. Young’s sound is unlike what you’ve heard before and will have you second guessing if you know the cover he’s singing. His mixed genre inspiration is perfectly paired with a deep & gravelly voice in contrast to his “clean” vocal moments. Young will have most eyes on him within the first lyric, to pair killer vocals with swaying guitar riffs and thumping foot percussion, one can gain a glimpse of what a live experience of song and story Noah Young Provides.

Now in the eastern states to make a name for himself in uncharted territory, you can be sure to catch him Swinging the tunes at your local bar, venue, club or just busking down the lane!