Mens Circle

We are inviting you to this very first Men's Circle so we can find out about your hopes, heart intentions, and ideas for how we might function as a group and individually.

The group will be led by Eric Hudson, a relationship counsellor with over 30 years experience. Eric has recently joined our studio and is now an aspiring yogi with a passion for our yoga community.

Many men are struggling with their identity. The post feminine emancipation wave that has been going on for decades, has swept the man of today from his 2000-year-old patriarchal pedestal.

Man is re-inventing himself. He is drifting somewhere between the masculine image of the Gillette razored, Marlboro smoking macho cowboy managing his BBQ, and the meditating emphatic cleaning beaches yogi man. Men have learned to carry their pain deep within. They discover that coming out of their hidden caves, sharing in Men’s circles and finding brotherhood instead of competing, sharing their troubles instead of numbing themselves out, is actually not that frightful at all. But for many men, this is still a big hurdle to take. Dear men out there, when you feel the calling: how can you step over initial doubt, fear and embrace real courage by truly opening up to your brothers? Where do you start?

We pinched these lines from an article which you can find here: