Join Brett & Nici for 3 hours of touring Limestone Permaculture Demonstration Homestead.

Limestone Permaculture Farm is a highly productive one acre demonstration property, designed & operated on permaculture principles & located in the beautiful Stroud / Karuah Valley NSW.

Permaculture Principles are also showcased including:

  • Observation, Analysis & Interaction
  • Relative location
  • Multi-functional (Each element performs many functions)
  • Redundancy (Each important function is supported by many elements)
  • Catch & store energy
  • Obtaining a yield
  • Energy efficient planning
  • Use of biological resources.
  • Designing from patterns to detail
  • Energy Cycling
  • Using small & slow solutions
  • Accelerating succession and evolution
  • Using & valuing diversity
  • Valuing edges (The edge effect)

We are in the twelfth year on our wonderful homestead, showcasing what is possible on a 1 acre parcel of land.

Farm Tour cost: $75.00 per person (16 yrs & under). Note: Tickets can be paid by Paypal or bank transfer (displays as 'manual payment' option). Care of young children is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Refreshments: Light refreshments