Learn the art of mindful living, reduce stress and create more space for peace and wisdom.

My name is Rob, and I have a keen interest in making mindfulness practices more a way of being rather than a short-term break in a yoga study before the ‘madness’ of daily life takes over again.

This lifelong project of mine is based on my own spiritual journey that started at the age of 11, when I lived next to a slum in South America for a year, and my professional experiences working with extremely traumatised and unwell clients for over 30 years.

As important as mindfulness is to improve your mental and overall well-being, we can’t ignore the sibling of mindfulness and contemplation practices: compassion. Thus, this course will also focus on compassion—becoming less judgmental and opening your heart to yourself and the ones around you wherever you are and go.

Now, if you’re ready to start our soul-soothing, creativity-boosting workshops to a more mindful and compassionate life, you are most welcome to join us.

$25 for non-members - $5 for members

1pm-2.30pm ‘Living Mindfully’