Introductory to Ki Energy with Emma.

Time to Boost Your Flow with a Ki Energy Class for spiritual development an opportunity to look at Prana or Ki from the traditional Japanese self-defense practices and to be the master of your own wellbeing.

But what is Ki? In the everyday spoken Japanese, Ki refers to feeling or sensitivity. JORIKI is the power of concentration gained from developing one’s ki. It can be compared to Sanskrit where the word Prana has the dual meaning of breath and wisdom. Ki can be summed up by the word ‘perception’, beginning at the level of feeling. The samurai were said to dissolve conflict with their Ki rather than drawing their sword.

The aim of these classes is to become more aware of your energy body or KITAI through training and begin to experience this becoming more substantial than your physical body. We are not mainly physical beings but rather beings of light and Ki. Classes work to unify your mind (gross body) and body (small mind) for deep inner peace and healing. They are tonifying and bring balance to the mind, body and spirit. We will cover philosophy, stretching, breathing for purification and meditation. The Aiki Taiso and Shin Ki movements are practices for retaining the state of meditation, prayer or presence while in motion; in other words, how to be spiritually strong in your day to day.

Classes will be an hour in duration held every Thursday 10am from 2nd February 2023 to 6th April 2023.

Casual class rate is $30. Or commit to the 10-week course for $250. 10% discount for members. We look forward to seeing you there.

Emma has trained extensively in Ki and Aikido at Shin Sen Dojo, Kensington and has been teaching locally now for three years.