Introduction to Mantra Workshop

Introduction to Mantra Workshop

Past Event

Sat 14 Aug9:30am - 11:30am

Forster Yoga Studio
Level 1
Office B/48 Wharf St
Forster NSW 2428

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Introduction to Mantra Workshop

This 2 hour workshop explores the meaning of Mantra and you will discover the positive vibrational effects of chanting Sanskrit mantras.

Your teacher Nitya will take you through some Universal Mantras, plus you will learn some Beeja mantras and practice a kirtan (devotional call and response singing).

It will be a fun exploration of Nada Yoga (Yoga of sound) and make you feel uplifted and joyful. There are plenty of research proving the long lasting health benefits of chanting.

Mantra is used for synchronizing the mind and for internalizing the awareness in order to achieve pratyahara (the first stage of meditation). A deep sense of peace and relaxation plus a feeling of vibrancy can be achieved through chanting Mantras.

Special Note: If you enjoy the Introduction to Mantra Workshop and wish to explore more about Mantra, please enroll in the Mantra Yoga 4 Week Course, starting Monday in May 2021 check the event for details.

Mantra is a "mind vehicle". Man= sanskrit for mind, tra = sanskrit for vehicle


$35.00 for members

$40.00 general public

What to Bring:

Yoga mat, bolster or cushion, and your voice!


Nityadrashta (Nicola Robertson) Level 2, Senior teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience in Satyananda Yoga tradition. Mantra has been an integral part of Nitya’s personal practice since the beginning of her Yoga journey. Sharing this knowledge and experience is something Nitya is excited about and looks forward to introducing to you. Numbers will be limited so book in early to secure place.