Introductory to Aikido.

Join Emma for introductory Aikido.

This class is for anyone aged 7 and up.

Casual class rate is $25 for adults or $20 for children 7-17 years old. Emma can redeem your Active Kids vouchers for participation in these classes. Contact the studio if booking in children.

Commit to the 8-week term of classes for a reduced rate of $180. Members receive a 10% discount.

Aikido is a non-competitive, energy-based martial art which promotes a connection to others as well as to our planet. Aikido has been called the way of Peace because at its heart is the understanding that we are all one human family. The movements in Aikido reflect the patterns in nature and balance the logical and creative minds. People who are at peace with themselves seek an organic and sustainable life in harmony with our planet.

Some things you will gain from doing Aikido:-

  • Inner strength, confidence, calm and focus
  • Ability to connect at will to your Centre
  • Resilience, grounding, bounce back
  • Enhanced functioning of the nervous system
  • Relationship skills and comfort in a group setting
  • Authenticity
  • Balance, responsibility, and self-care
  • Develop your mind, body and spirit
  • Self Defense