Interactive theatre: To Hunt A Killer

Interactive theatre: To Hunt A Killer

Past Event

Fri 3 Jun7pm - 8pm8:15pm - 9:15pm

Sat 4 Jun7pm - 8pm8:15pm - 9:15pm

Sun 5 Jun7pm - 8pm

Cnr Pitt and Nelson Streets
Taree NSW 2430

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A unique interactive theatre experience from the expert storytellers at Dark Stories.

Do you have what it takes to track down a killer? Or will the escapee slip through your fingers?

Take off in pursuit, into the night and darkness, armed only with a torch, your wits, and the people around you.

The state's most ruthless killer has escaped the local prison. The undermanned and overstretched authorities need volunteers to search the local bushland nature reserve and uncover this criminal's whereabouts. Can you successfully flush him out in time?

Completely immerse yourself in a great night of interactive theatre, the actors will lead the audience through different locations where scenes and the story unfold. You'll meet at the crime scene and you'll be supplied with a torch.

Book now for Opening Night on Friday 3 June 2022!

About interactive theatre:

Interactive theatre is a different style of theatre. It remains fully scripted with actors and a storyline.

There is no fourth wall as in traditional theatre. The audience is written into the story’s narrative and may be called upon by actors to investigate other locations, or answer questions posed to them by actors. In turn the audience at different stages can interact and ask unscripted questions to the characters whom will always respond in real time.

Rather than sitting in a theatre, the actors will lead the audience through different locations where scenes & the story unfold. This show takes place at night, so lighting is managed by the cast, and guests will be provided torches.

These events allows an audience to completely immerse themselves into the world that has been created, and they will be guided at all times with a cast experienced in hosting these events.