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The band Inanna Indigo, formally known as Indigo Mckeon, is a six-piece soul, jazzy, indie, blend of love-soaked musical goodness.

They will be playing stripped back 3-piece arrangements for this special show for us.

Whilst performing as Indigo Mckeon, the Melbourne based band has been fortunate enough to perform consistently both nationally and internationally. Some notable tours and performances include Jack Botts Tour (Australia) and Riley Pierce Tour (Australia).

After obtaining the Mornington Peninsula Performing Arts Fund Grant late last year, they are currently focusing on finishing their debut album ‘To Be Soft Is To Be Strong’. This project will be a genre-bending neo-sou, dark folk album portraying Indigo’s experience of being a queer, disabled woman living with CPTSD and healing from sexual violence. Her intention with this release is to use art as a catalyst for activism and healing.