Goodfellas - The Returning at the MEC

Goodfellas - The Returning at the MEC

Past Event

Fri 18 Feb7:30pm - 10pm

Manning Entertainment Centre
33 Manning River Dr
Taree NSW 2430

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The Goodfellas band is made up of a group of terrific musicians who just love to play music together.
Each player a unique entity each carrying their own special story and bag of musical tricks to the Goodfellas stage. A gig with the fellas is always, exciting, colourful, funny, and entertaining, thoughtful, fast, slow and in between. Its hard to pin a style on the band as there are way too many influences they draw from. Always keen to explore so its always a musical adventure.

This line up of talented separate entities combine, one by one to form this one colourful wall of sound and creative emotion. The energy, excellent musicianship and songwriting will captivate you and take you in all sorts of musical and emotional directions.

You will know youve been around musicians who have truly paid their dues in the industry, completely devoid of the showbiz” agenda. Its a love for music and friendship that formed this band.
The whole idea in the band and its naming was that you had to be a good fella, (guy or gal) to play in the line-up. Always a great recipe for great music if thats the ticket in they say.


MARK OATS (fiddle) & MATT ZARB (guitar, vocals and other bits & pieces) are a story in themselves have been playing music together since 1986 and never tire of stepping the stage together to make their musical mischief. Whenever they are together its a true recipe for a laugh but fantastic music and energy. Mark Australia’s original rapscallion, sensational fiddler and Matty the jack of all trades singer songwriter .Last year in 2020 after all these years they released a self-titled record together. Both Mark and Matty have had huge colourful careers that have taken them both all over the world and flavoured all they do in any given show in that fly by the seat of your pants manner.

SCOTT GREENAWAY (Bass, vocals ) Scotty is everyones favourite bass player and for good reason. Whatever line up he is part of he stamps his signature Scotty G colour and three dimensions into the simplest or complex pieces in a way that only he can. Scotty, originally from the Manning Valley spent many years away touring with Aussie country headline bands all over the country. He also had his time in the Nashville scene.
A few years back he returned, settled back in the valley where he and Mick re connected, joined up with Matty to form the three piece band Three Good Fellas”.

ANTHONY WALMSLEY (Guitar) Ant has had huge career as one of Australias favourite guitar players. Hes played guitar for just about everyone who’s anyone in the country music industry and beyond. Known and much loved for his beautiful guitar skills and wicked sense of humour. The Tamworth born and bred guitar master player leaves a huge imprint on any project with a signature all to himself and ices the cake with the Goodfellas.

HESTER FRAZER, (Piano, vocals)
THE GOLDHEIST CONNECTIONHester, well known in her solo realm as (GOLDHIEST) She, amid all the fellas is the “Fellarina” in the band. She adds a beautifully powerful dimension that extends the sound with her stunning voice, beautiful piano playing, signature sound and presence. She tells and sings her stories. She weaves her magic into the band and beyond. She is definitely a Goodfellarina and puts a wide angle lens to the sound and feel of this line up.

MICHAEL EYB (Drums, vocals) Mick has been for years and is still the Manning Valleys Go to drummer” and
much loved with all the chops and awesome energy. He has taught countless young people to play drums and is a regular as part of the Entertainment Centre’s house band. His drumming is an extension of his good vibe and is a show in itself. The energizer, plays harder than ten year old concrete when it’s on and like a breeze when it’s a breeze.

DURATION: Approx 2 hours including interval


Adult $25
Concession $20
Friends of the MEC $20