Earth and Sky exhibition

Earth and Sky exhibition

Past Event

Blue Dust Collective

Thu 1 Sep - Thu 15 Sep7am - 2:30pm7am - 10pm7am - 2pm7am - 1pm

Plunge Forster
5/21 Boundary St
Forster NSW 2428


Earth and Sky is artist Chris Beals first solo exhibition at Blue Dust Gallery.

His work seeks to explore and promote Australian Aboriginal culture, spirituality and philosophy.

Chris has practiced mediation and spiritual awareness for over 60 years and his paintings are a reflection of that knowledge and day to day way of living. Beals works are so rich in colour they draw you in at first glance and the man knows his way around the colour palette sometimes using rich blues and greens then turning the tables and moving towards more feminine reds, maroons and ochres.

This is his first solo exhibition and we are excited to be hosting him at the gallery

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