Country Lines exhibition

Country Lines exhibition

Past Event

Thu 27 Apr - Sun 21 May10am - 4pm

Gloucester Gallery
25 Denison St
Gloucester NSW 2422


Country Lines exhibition by Dave Keen!

“I’ve always enjoyed the lighter side of life, the humour, the parody of human nature. Life doesn’t need to be taken so seriously all the time.”

Dave Keen has lived locally in Gloucester for the past 15 years having moved up from the Illawarra where he grew up. As a youth, he studied many forms of art and has worked in signwriting and graphic design but, has always enjoyed the simple narrative of the comic. “I love how so much can be said and interpreted from a single image but especially those ‘a-ha’ moments when you catch on to the depth of the inside joke.”

Dave has lived and travelled around many parts of Australia and around the world, witnessing and engaging in a wide variety of human behaviours and cultures.

Dave Keen’s work is a mix of fine ink work, watercolour, acrylic and some great (bad) Dad jokes. For the past 11 years, Dave has worked as a primary school teacher in a small country school and has had a lot of time for the observation of rural life to sink in. This is Dave’s first formal exhibition.

This exhibition is open:

  • Thursday to Saturday 10am - 4pm
  • Sunday 10am - 1pm
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