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Chloe Gill is a 19-year-old indie/rock artist from Newcastle Australia. Chloe has a bona fide sound that is refined by her comfortingly nostalgic songwriting and incredibly unique voice. Having already released her singles ‘Circulated Fantasies’ ‘Everything and Nothing’ and ‘Strange Skin’ this 2023, Chloe has been hard at work behind the scenes and will soon be flooding your ears with new music.

Taking you on an emotional ocean journey through her 5-track debut EP which is also a concept EP titled ‘The Lonely Man’. It explores concepts of toxic masculinity but is also a metaphor for some of Chloe’s experiences with dealing with anxiety and watching how depression has impacted people in her life, mixed through with the unpredictability of the ocean and its similarities to the at times erratic nature of mental health.

The EP tells the story through 5 tracks and will be taken on the road for 5 shows on Chloe’s debut tour (following the dates posed through her socials).Chloe Gill (and her killer vocals) is a driving passion in the young Australian music scene and is one to watch.