Calm, Willing, Confident Horses Clinic

Calm, Willing, Confident Horses Clinic

Past Event

Fri 29 Sep - Sat 30 Sep8am - 4pm

Anne Hawke Balanced Dressage
775 Minimbah Rd
Nabiac NSW 2312

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Transform your relationship with your horse.

Attention, equestrians! Dr Shelley Appleton will be bringing her unique way of understanding and working with horses to Nabiac at Balanced Dressage for a weekend that will change the way you interact with horses forever.

One of our recent participants had this to say: "I've been to many clinics, subscribed to all the big names... but Shelley, you stand head and shoulders above the rest. You didn't just improve my horse, you improved me!"

Shelley's approach is simple yet powerful: Understanding your horse is the key to influencing them effectively. You don't have to be strong or brave – just learn to pay attention to how they feel and understand them deeply.

Wondering what to expect? A week before the event, you'll get started with an online pre-clinic course. Then, you'll join a pre-clinic Zoom meeting with all participants. During the two-day clinic, you'll work in small groups, engage in thoughtful discussions, and participate in a mix of groundwork and ridden work.

If you've worked with Shelley before, you'll pick up right where you left off. Newcomers will get a taste of her transformative methods. You'll learn how ground work translates to ridden work, strategies to enhance your horse’s focus and confidence, and ways to address challenges both on the ground and in the saddle.

Clinic spots range from 'Participant with Horse' ($430), 'Participant without Horse' ($225). Both types of participants will have access to the online course and pre and post-clinic Zoom calls. Costs cover daily ground fees and day yards (for information about camping and overnight yards see information further on).

To book a position:

Fence sitters ($120) are limited to those that are associated with the participants. Shelley’s clinics are focused on the participants and are intentionally small group events to maximise learning.

For Camping:

Please contact Anke from Balance Dressage at 0408 882 730 to book and pay for camping. Camping is only self contained, there is no shower facilities. Only power and a portaloo. There are two yards with shelters ($25 per night) and yards without a shelter ($20 per night). The closest hotel is in Nabiac.

Remember, full payment for the clinic must be made a month prior to the event.

Come join us for a life-changing experience and let's build stronger, more meaningful connections with our horses together!

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