Booking reading - Bum Sneeze

Booking reading - Bum Sneeze

Past Event

Mon 10 Jul10:30am - 11:30am

Forster Library
4-12 Breese Pde
Forster NSW 2428

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Booking reading - The Bum Sneeze

Sometimes when you overeat, your tummy comes undone and getting past the pain is often not much fun.

Discover how this venture goes for one sneaky man, who overeats on many pears and finds that he is not a fan.

"It is a good thing this book is not a scratch and smell edition! Fun and humour for all ages to have a giggle at...

Well done and can recommend without any stench!" Colleen, Indie Book reviewer

Belinda has spent over fifteen years in education and currently teaches six- to seven-year-old children in a country town called Wingham on the Midcoast of NSW.

Her inspiration comes from the encounters she has with the children in her class.