For over 14 years now Beatle Magic have been declared as Australia’s most authentic sounding Beatle Tribute Show ever to hit our shores.

Beatle Magic sound that close to the original, that You Tube themselves had started to pull down the clips temporarily due to copyright, thinking they were playing to the original sound track. (Luckily this has been rectified and the clips have been reinstated.)

In 2017 Beatle Magic were nominated for the prestige Australian Variety Artists “MO AWARDS” in the best Tribute artist/show category and then for an “ACE” award in 2019.

Founding member and band leader Bill Croft (as John Lennon) is no stranger when it comes to the sounds of the Beatles, being his favourite group of all time, he has been performing their hits from an early age. As being a Beatle Member was not an option, his passion is to keep their music alive!

All Beatle fans young and old if you missed out on seeing The Beatles live well look no further as you will not hear anything closer to the real thing in the BEATLE MAGIC SHOW experience.