Barrington Coast 500

Barrington Coast 500

Past Event

Fri 30 Apr - Sun 2 MayAll day

Gloucester NSW 2422


The Barrington Coast 500 date and routes are set!!

This years ride, commencing on the 30th April at 6:23 (sunrise) will be broken into two, a ~500km with ~8000vm ride and a shorter ride of~350km ride with ~4500vm.

Both these rides go through some remote area so it is up to you to decide if that's what you would like to do. There is no support, you will be on your own, or with mates, just don't expect anyone to pick you up.

This year we take the route through the hilly side first before moving through to the coast. It's a mix of sealed country roads, gravel roads, farm roads, fire trails and the occasional bit of tarmac. Some bits you'll wish you had a hard tail and others a road bike.

These routes are subject to minor changes and we will release a route on RideWithGPS titled BarringtonCoast500_2021_OFFICIAL at the start of April but these are 95% locked in and will allow you to start preparing.

Keep up to date and view this years routes on the Barrington Coast 500 Facebook Page.