Discover your True Nature with Ayurveda!

This 2 hour workshop will a fun and in-depth exploration of the Dosha’s in Ayurveda. We will look at what the Doshas are, based on the different combinations of the elements within us. We are all born with a particular make up of elements which make us all unique individuals. Due to different influences over time these doshas can become imbalanced.

When we discover our unique nature/constitution we are better equipped to understand ourselves and how we interact in the world around us. This workshop will look at what happens when these doshas go out of balance and some easy techniques to bring them back into balance. When we are in tune with and understand our true nature, we have more control over our health and inner harmony.

There will be notes to take home and a Special Yoga Nidra.

Cost - $85 non-members - $65 members

Yoga and Mediation Studio 2