Acoustic Night with Maddy

Maddy Andrews is a local singer/songwriter with a talent for sharing a compelling glimpse into her world through music. She intertwines honest lyrics with soft acoustic melodies in her original music. She soaks up influence from her many inspirations some of which include Fleetwood mac, the Eagles, Maren Morris, Gone west, and Azure Ryder.

Maddy is an cherished member of our Yoga studio, and when she charmed us with her lyrics and tunes, we just had to invite her to host an acoustic night with you, our other cherished members and studio friends.

This is not a Yoga class, instead you are welcome to wear your best indoor picnic gear, bring a plate, bring a bevvy of choice, picnic rug and camp chairs are optional.

From our venue, you can pretend to be outdoors soaking up our lake views while rugging up inside.