A Yin Yoga Immersion ~ Nurture Your Inner Autumn

A Yin Yoga Immersion ~ Nurture Your Inner Autumn

Past Event

Fri 24 Feb5:30pm - 7pm

Forster Yoga Studio
Level 1
Office B/48 Wharf St
Forster NSW 2428

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A Yin Yoga Immersion ~ Nurture Your Inner Autumn

As the seasons change, so do we.

This immersion is designed to tune into the energy of autumn.

To do so we will be working with the Metal element and the channels of autumn which are lungs and large Intestine. The aim is to stimulate a positive change and to balance our being into this new season and the change that it brings.

Autumn is the time of year that we go from the more relaxed and carefree attitudes of summer to the more serious and introspective energies associated with autumn.

It is very much a time of letting go, to make place for the new to evolve.

If we are imbalanced in the Metal element we can become overly critical, have trouble letting go, be grief stricken and we may be prone to illnesses and issues of the lungs.

When we work to stimulate the right energy lines and organs according to the autumn season we find ourselves balanced and in harmony, organised and with a sense of renewed inner strength. We are able to breathe and let go with ease and there is a sense of freshness and joy to every moment.