90s Boom - Shake the Room

90s Boom - Shake the Room

Past Event

Live at Club Forster

Sat 28 Jan8pm - 11pm

Club Forster
19 Strand St
Forster NSW 2428

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90's Boom live at Club Forster!!

Come on Gen Y! Put down the Gameboy, break out the Discman and pull on the parachute pants - it's time to party like it's 1999!

Everybody dance now and sing along to those favourites you'd forgotten about, and re-live the moments you and your friends will never forget!

You will strike a pose and be doing the MACARENA before the night is through! The Music was more than just angst and grunge - it was sugar-pop choruses, gangsta rap, boy bands, girl bands, one-hit wonders, punk guitars, and Oasis.

So don't be trippin' on no whack rhymes - come and get jiggy with the band that is da bomb! Is that dope enough for ya'? Word! IT'S THE BOOM!!