Step into the time machine and travel back to a decade like no other!

The 80s was all about the bigger, the better and the louder. With 80’s to the Max, you're guaranteed to party like you’re back in the 80s again! From the hair-raising mullets to the glittering spandex, we bring back the essence of this iconic era. Our band is all about hitting the high notes of the biggest hits and belting them out with the perfect blend of music and nostalgia.

We've got the moves like Prince, the charm of Madonna, and the vibrancy of Cyndi Lauper, all rolled into one unstoppable musical force. Join us for a night filled with BIG fun and bigger hits. No need to 'fight for your right to party' when you've got us! Just sing along and dance till you drop. Bring out your best neon-colored t-shirts and your denim jackets and dance your heart out!

So get ready to step into the time machine, get into your finest 80's gear and let's take a trip back to a decade where BIG was everything! Join us for an unforgettable party like never before. With 80’s TO THE MAX, it's FOR SURE going to be a night to remember!

Suitable for all ages.

NOTE: Patrons purchasing tickets in the front rows are advised that this show will be set with a dancefloor.