Be rewarded by spectacular country views and deep forests on these walks.

Bulahdelah and Wootton are the hinterland towns of the Myall Lakes with a relaxed country lifestyle. The surrounding mountains provide wonderful walks with rural vistas. Nearby are wetlands, forests and remote beaches of the southern precinct of Myall Lakes National Park.

The top walks at Bulahdelah and Wootton

From here you can journey into the Myall Lakes National Park and explore its spectacular blend of lakes, coastal forests, pristine beaches and a huge sand dune system. But first enjoy the views and awesome forests, including the tallest of the tall trees: the Grandis.

Bulahdelah Mountain Walk
Bulahdelah Mountain bushland
Bulahdelah Mountain walking track
Bulahdelah Mountain walking track top views

1. Alum Mountain Walk

  • START: Mountain Park, Mead St, Bulahdelah - walk over the iron bridge (highway overpass) and follow the track up.
  • DISTANCE: 2.5 km (return)
  • TIME: 2 hours
  • GRADE: Easy

Bulahdelah Mountain is also known as the Alum Mountain, after the disused alum refinery that once processed a chemical compound called alum (a salt of aluminium to be precise) from the alunite ore found on the mountain.

Bulahdelah Mountain is 292 metres and there are a number of different tracks. The Trolley Track is a steep walk to the top level picnic area. The Ted Baker Trail starts from the road just before the top picnic area and follows the tramline south from the tunnel quarry to the Ted Baker Lookout, which gives panoramic views across the hinterland and coast.

The Tunnel Quarry Walk is an easy walk from the top picnic area through a short tunnel to the quarry. The Mountain Lookout Track follows the Alunite Trail from the top picnic area and gives you spectacular views of Bulahdelah and the local river system. Keep your eyes open for rare orchids.

The Grandis, Myall Lakes National Park
The Grandis near Bulahdelah, the tallest tree in NSW.

2. The Grandis

  • START: The carpark at the Grandis picnic area on Stony Creek Road.
  • DISTANCE: 100m
  • TIME: Mere minutes.
  • GRADE: Easy

Take a picnic and enjoy not so much a walk as a moment to stand in awe. The Grandis is a 400-year-old Flooded Gum that pierces the canopy on the western edge of Myall Lakes National Park. At 76.2m high and with an enormous 11.5m circumference at its base, the Grandis is the tallest known tree in NSW.

Spared by loggers who extensively harvested the area in the late 1970s, this ancient eucalypt provides a moment to stand humbled by the age, strength and beauty of such a giant.

Dogs are allowed in state forests including Wang Wauk State Forest at Wotton.
Dogs are allowed in state forests including Wang Wauk State Forest at Wotton.

3. Wootton Historical Railway Walk

  • START: Sam's Camp Picnic Area in Wang Wauk State Forest
  • DISTANCE: 6km (return)
  • TIME: 2 hours
  • GRADE: Easy

Logging began in the Bulahdelah forests as early as the 1820s and a steam locomotive light rail was constructed in 1890 to cart timber from the forests to ships on the Coolongolook River and Mayers Point on Myall Lake.

The first section of the walk takes in rainforest and cleared, grassy areas used by logging vehicles in the early 1900s. The walk follows significant remnants of old logging railways and mossy bridges, passing by waterfalls, creeks and through gully rainforests and magnificent flooded gums, before finishing at the remains of what was once a trestle bridge.

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