Amaroo Cruises skipper Matt Coombe tells us his favourite spots around Forster to see whales from land.

You don't have to go on a whale watching cruise to see witness the humpback highway - although I highly recommend it! Check out my favourite spots in and around Forster to see these beautiful creatures from land.

1. Bennetts Head, Forster

Great viewing in the heart of Forster. It's easy to drive to, park and walk out onto the lookout.

Bennetts Head Lookout to the ocean and coastline Forester
Bennetts Head Lookout, Forster. Image Rachel Armstrong

2. Cape Hawke Lookout, Booti Booti National Park

This lookout is just 5 minutes out of town. It is quite a trek to the top - around a 20 minute walk up 420 stairs. The view at the top is spectacular and worth the effort.

Cape Hawke Lookout, Forster
Cape Hawke Lookout, Booti Booti National Park

3. North One Mile Beach sand dune, Forster

This is just around the corner from Bennetts Head. You can actually walk the path from Bennetts to the top of the dune.

This is especially good viewing during October – November when the whales come in nice and close to the beach.

Top of the sand dune at One Mile Beach, Forster. Image IG @shaye.cooper
Top of the sand dune at One Mile Beach, Forster. Image IG @shaye.cooper

4. Second Head Lookout, Forster

Another great lookout with easy access. It hugs into the cove allowing for a great vantage point for whales passing close to the shore later in the season.

Pebbly Beach Bicentennial Walk Forster
Second Head Lookout, Forster. Image IG @caitlinhicksss__

5. Boomerang and Blueys Beach headlands, Pacific Palms

Some great vantage points just a short drive out of Forster. A great spot to watch whales and the surfers in the waves below.

Blueys Beach headland, Pacific Palms
Blueys Beach headland, Pacific Palms

That’s my top 5, but with the Barrington Coast's expansive coastline from Hawks Nest to Diamond Head, there are plenty of spots to see the whales passing by.

I invite you to join us for a cruise aboard the Amaroo where you can get up close and personal with these gentle giants.

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