Brackenridge Berries is a small farm in Waitui, open for the public to pick their own blueberries from December to end of January each year.

'Pick-your-own' pesticide-free blueberries in the Barrington Coast

Brackenridge Berries farm is located about 20 kilometres west of the Pacific Highway in the upper reaches of the beautiful Hannam Vale valley, in the village of Waitui.

We grow blueberries and gum trees. There are over 2,000 blueberry plants, mainly Premier and Climax varieties, which are particularly sweet. The blueberries are available, to the general public for picking, from mid-December until the end of January most years.

We've been open for self picking since 1990.

Brackendridge Berries

What should you look for when picking blueberries?

Good blueberries are a uniform size (about the size of a five cent piece) and have a powdery grey bloom. This does not need to be washed off. Brackenridge berries need very little washing as they are not sprayed with anything. Placing them under water in a colander will allow any stem or flower remains to float to the top and be removed.


The best way to eat blueberries is fresh - preferably by the handful. They are also good with cream or ice cream and brilliant on a pavlova


Blueberries store well if refrigerated. They can stand temperatures down to one degree but they will degenerate quickly if left at room temperature.


Blueberries freeze well if they are just placed in a container in the freezer. They will freeze separately like peas. There is no need to cook first and it is better not to, as cooking toughens them.


Generally it is better to cook blueberries as little as possible as they tend to lose water and get tough if they are over cooked.

Did you know...
Blueberries have often been recognized as one of the fruits with the highest antioxidant activity.

These tasty super foods offer twice as many disease fighting antioxidants as spinach, more than three times as many as oranges, red grapes and cherries and more than four times as many as grapefruit, white grapes, bananas, and apples.

Blueberries are also thought to be helpful in improving memory function and healthy aging.

Brackenridge berries blueberry smoothie

Make a whole day out of a visit to Brackenridge Berries

Waitui Falls are just 5km (10 minutes) up the road from the farm, with incredible lookouts all throughout Coorabakh National Park.

Brackenridge Berries are located along our Sea To Summit scenic drive. Follow this beautiful drive to see the best of the coast and hinterland.

Brackenridge berries

Visit Brackenridge Berries this Summer!

Brackenridge Berries is open for the 2020/2021 season from December 12th until the berries run out!

For the latest picking update call (02) 6556 7620 or email them via their contact page.

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