Barbara Jones has lived in the Barrington Coast for over 50 years. Although she lives on the coastline at Pacific Palms, she is a passionate advocate for visiting the region’s hinterland and mountains at Gloucester and Barrington Tops.

We frequently get out in the wilderness, bush walking and enjoy swimming in the waterfalls and rivers. All the treks we have been on have been kid-friendly and lots of fun for everyone.
Barbara Jones

Pacific Palms

I am very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world and I try to make most out of it. In Pacific Palms we are blessed with gorgeous beaches including Blueys, Boomerang and Elizabeth Beaches. We also have the stunning waterway that is Wallis Lake - it’s a popular tourist destination and for good reason. I love walking the sand, taking in the sunsets in summer and spring, in autumn I enjoy swimming and snorkelling because the ocean is at its warmest. Although winter is quiet, the large swells and wild weather lend the coastline a dramatic backdrop. No matter the weather, or time of year, life here is meant to be lived enjoying the outdoors – at least that’s what I feel.


Like many locals, one of my favourite places to visit in the Barrington Coast is Gloucester and its surrounds. It’s hard to look past the beauty here, with a charming township, picturesque valleys surrounded by rolling hills, dirt roads that lead into sub-alpine bush and rolling paddocks filled with horses, cattle and sheep.

No matter who you are, or what you’re into, there is something for everyone to explore in Gloucester. I love heading to Gloucester with my daughter Elkie, sometimes we hike, sometimes we mountain bike, sometimes we just go to take in the beauty of the region. My family, including my husband, our adult kids and 4 grandkids also love to do day trips to the inland areas for picnics.

Gloucester Tops

If you’re up in Gloucester exploring, I can’t recommend Gloucester Tops enough. Last year, I went with my girlfriend to explore the waterways, we enjoyed swimming in the rivers and waterfalls, searching for crystals and fancy rocks on the shoreline. It’s such an incredible spot and makes an adventurous alternative to the coastline.

The best time of year for a swim is summer, it’s gets pretty cold up there in winter and even snows anytime from May to August. The snowfall event alone is worth the trip up there, wandering through a silent forest of snow-dusted tree ferns and Antarctic beach trees is such a magical experience.

Wandering through a silent forest of snow-dusted tree ferns and Antarctic beach trees is such a magical experience.

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