Riding a bike will always remind you of your childhood so if you’ve got kids it’s time to create those same fun memories for them. Oh, and always stop for an icecream.

Our weather makes cycling an activity well-suited for Barrington Coast holidaymakers.

Cycling is a great way to get around a destination like the Barrington Coast, our weather makes it an activity well-suited for holidaymakers. Plus it’s a great way to spend time with your family or friends, heading out to explore new places or revisiting an old favourite. Of course it’s a little easier if the terrain is flat but you’ll always remember your first big hill, both up and down!

Cycling is helping to activate our public spaces with bike paths, along our coastal waterways and in our regional towns. Place activation is about ensuring diverse human activity in a location. Activated places are used by people as part of their daily life and in turn having a place full of people will attract more people. “What attracts people most, it would appear, is other people” said William H Wyte, the American urbanist. No wonder the Barrington Coast is always busy… and a good way to see more of it is by bike.

Boomerang Bikes is a new way to hire a bike: you pay by credit card at the bike station, collect the bike from the rail, pick up the helmet from a nearby shop or cafe as specified, then return it to the same bike station – like a boomerang – at the end of your hire.

Hire duration is flexible, depending on your mood and your energy levels. Stretch the legs for just 60 minutes; take 4 hours to explore the area; or commit to a fun and healthy holiday with 24 hour/3 day/7 day options. And don’t worry about flat tyres, these bikes use tubeless tyres.


You’ll find a Boomerang Bikes station at Reflections Holiday Park Forster Beach. Forster and Tuncurry is the ideal cycling and family fun location with over 20 km of bike paths. Adults and kids have freedom to explore and relax together, surrounded by lakes, beaches, parklands and playgrounds of all sizes. There’s always lots of things to do and see in Foster-Tuncurry, from quirky shopping to fabulous cafes and restaurants. The rides here are easy: virtually flat, shared bike paths that are great for all ages. Free helmets and bike locks are provided with hire.

Hawks Nest

A Boomerang Bikes station is also at the entry to Reflections Holiday Park Hawks Nest. The area is all flat so it’s a great way to explore Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens. Take a leisurely ride around the beaches and waterways as well as the parks and forest, it’s the thing to do in Hawks Nest. This eight bike station has six unisex bikes for riders from 145 cm tall, 3 with baskets and 3 with child seats. Plus there are two child bikes for riders over 120 cm. Free helmets and bike locks are available from the holiday park reception or across the road at the Benchmark Café.

Shared paths

You’ll find shared paths throughout the Barrington Coast, designed for pedestrian and bicycle use. Shared paths are signposted and marked so you can tell if you are meant to share the path with pedestrians. Here are some tips for a happy ride and with happy pedestrians:

  • When riding on a shared path, keep to the left at all times unless it is impractical to do so, and give way to pedestrians.
  • You should also adjust your speed to suit the environment.
  • Use your bell or horn to signal your presence to other users of the shared path, especially when approaching pedestrians and other riders.
  • As a bicycle rider, you must overtake on the right hand side.
  • Be particularly careful around young children, older pedestrians and animals.

Bicycle riders are also encouraged to allow pedestrians one metre of space on shared paths, where possible. If it’s not safe to provide the one metre distance when passing, bicycle riders should continue to ride slowly and give way to pedestrians.

Road rules for cyclists

It’s important to stay safe out there so make sure you follow the road rules:

  • Wear a helmet (it’s the law!)
  • Check bike before riding
  • Do short test ride to check brakes and your ability
  • Use hand signals
  • Stay off footpaths
  • Respect others on bike paths
  • Use bell to alert people and animals when approaching
  • Ride defensively

Where to hire Boomerang bikes

  • Reflections Holiday Park Forster Beach, Forster 0414 848 284
  • Reflections Holiday Park Hawks Nest, Hawks Nest 0414 848 284

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