Enjoy holiday walks with your dog in the Barrington Coast with this inspiring guide to where you can take your furry best friend.

Well behaved dogs (with matching well behaved owners) are welcome in the Barrington Coast, as we love our dogs too. There’s a good selection of pet friendly accommodation for those who just can’t bear the thought of leaving their fur kids at home plus we have plenty of cafes where you can share a puppycino.

Burning off excess energy in a safe environment is doggy bliss! Leash free areas allow our dogs a chance to exercise and socialise with other dogs, just like humans. So here’s a list of beaches and parks where you can ensure that you and your dog can continue your daily exercise routine even while you’re on holidays. Both of you will then return home feeling refreshed.

You are responsible for the collection and removal of your dog's poo.
Said your mum, probably.
Back Beach walkway, Black Head, dog friendly
Back Beach at Black Head (photo by @13moons.farm)

But before you head off into the sea spray with your pooch, it’s worth repeating the stuff that you should already know:

  • Do a little bit of research: check out the permitted locations and times on the MidCoast Council website.
  • Some of these beaches and parks may have some time restrictions so please read all MidCoast Council signage before proceeding, to ensure an enjoyable day for everyone.
  • 4WD vehicles may also have permission to use these beaches so remember to keep your dog safe from beach traffic.
  • Dogs must be supervised by a responsible person at all times and you may be fined if you are not adequately controlling your dog
  • Dogs are required to be on a leash at all times unless in an off leash area
  • You are responsible for the collection and removal of your dog's poo. Make sure you carry adequate disposal bags in case the dispensers are empty and place the used bags in the correct garbage bins. (And no, there’s no one to collect the neatly tied poo bag you may decide to leave on a beach, pathway or kerb. Just find a bin.)

And finally, it seems obvious but if your dog does not respond to your voice commands then you really should not have them off leash at all. Safer for them, safer for others.

Diamond Beach dog walking
Diamond Beach is great for dog walking (photo by @13moons.farm)

Off leash parks

  • Coomba Park - in the reserve between Tallawalla Road, Moorooba Road and Coomba foreshore.
  • Forster -
    • at various drainage reserves off Kularoo Drive and Goldens Road
    • Cape Hawke Reserve - between Akala Avenue and Panorama Avenue
    • Pipers Bay foreshore - from Elizabeth Parade
  • Taree - Saxby Park in Stevenson Street
Old Bar Beach
Old Bar Beach

Off leash beaches

Dogs are welcome on leash or off leash (but see exceptions below) on these beaches:

The exceptions are:

  • Dogs need to be 50 metres or more away from a patrolled swimming area
  • Black Head Ocean Baths is off limits to dogs at all times
  • Away from Little Tern nesting areas (Farquhar Inlet and fenced off areas)
  • Any signs indicating that dogs are not allowed on walking trails in bushland reserves
  • Any exclusion zones within a park or reserve protected by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, including:
    • North of where Mudbishops Road becomes an unsealed road
    • North of the Manning Point beach access
    • North of the area on Mudbishops Road, locally known as ‘Second Corner’
    • Charleys Island
    • Mudbishops Island
    • Farquhar Park
Dog walking and swimming Diamond Beach
Nothing better than a morning swim with your pooches... even if they don't join you!

On leash beaches

If you’re happy to walk your dog on a leash for added peace of mind, then these beaches are dog friendly for specific hours daily (5.00am to 9.00am and 5.00pm to 8.00pm) and dogs must be on leashes:

Dog agility track at Beach Street Reserve, Tuncurry
Dog agility track at Beach Street Reserve, Tuncurry

Dog agility track at Beach Street Reserve, Tuncurry

Thanks to the collaboration of MidCoast Council, Forster Tuncurry Lions Club and the Beach Street Volunteer Group, you and your dog can now enjoy the Dog Agility Park at Beach Street Reserve, Tuncurry.

Whilst dog agility is an actual sport, this park is for amateurs to provide mental simulation and activity for dogs. The park consists of weave posts for slalom manoeuvres, tunnels, ramps and jumps where dogs can test each discipline and eventually race against owner and the clock. So your energetic dog will enjoy their holiday in the Barrington Coast nearly as much as you!

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