Healing the environment and nourishing the soul at Killabakh with accommodation, events and day trips.

Wyuna means clear water. By connecting people to nature at Wyuna Wildlife Retreat, we invite you to enter our lush rainforest and forget the world outside. Our mission is to provide a uniquely immersive, healing and refreshing escape.

Day trips

Discover the beauty and diversity of Wyuna Wildlife Retreat with our curated day trips. Explore the vast property on self-guided tours that highlight the unique flora and fauna, or embark on a self-guided adventure along our scenic trails. Perfect for families, groups or solo travellers, these day trips offer an enriching way to experience the sanctuary's natural wonders.

Accommodation (coming soon)

Experience nature up close with a stay at Wyuna Wildlife Retreat. Choose from eco-cabins that offer modern comforts while being immersed in the wilderness, glamping sites that combine luxury with the great outdoors or traditional camping sites for a more rustic adventure. Each option is designed to provide a unique and sustainable stay, allowing you to connect deeply with the natural environment.

Events (coming soon)

Wyuna Wildlife Retreat is an ideal venue for a variety of events. Attend one of our hosted open days to learn about the sanctuary and its inhabitants, or book the sanctuary for your special occasion. Whether it's a wedding, corporate retreat or private celebration, our picturesque setting and dedicated event spaces ensure a memorable experience surrounded by nature.