Australia’s Most Awarded Grassfed Beef brand - Manning Valley Naturally – is produced at Wingham Beef Exports. Taking its name from the glorious hinterland of the Manning Valley, this is champion Australian beef at its finest. Cattle graze amongst lush pastures from fertile soils within a region renowned worldwide for its fresh produce. The cattle are only ever grassfed and are never treated with antibiotics or hormone growth promotants (HGPs). It is also graded by Meat Standards Australia (MSA) – the world’s leading eating quality process – so you can trust that tenderness, juiciness and flavour is guaranteed with every taste. When you are dedicated to the joy of eating premium grassfed Australian beef, Manning Valley Naturally is for you.

Wingham Beef Exports was acquired in 1994 by NH Foods Australia, one of the largest beef production companies in the country. Wingham Beef Exports produces both grainfed and grassfed beef, including Manning Valley Naturally, not just for domestic consumption but also for export to over 30 markets worldwide. In 2019, it was named winner of the annual NSW Government Department of Primary Industries Innovation award.

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Tim Gledhill

6 months ago

Just purchased over 2 kilos from Costco in Ringwood Victoria and I must say it is some of the best steak I've ever had. The meat was very very tender when cooked anywhere from medium rare to medium and just melted in my mouth On top of that it had really nice flavour something you normally only get from Porterhouse Bloody fantastic recommend to everyone

Grant Neal

3 weeks ago

Pretty good place to work

Nicole Hoad

a year ago

Not a bad place to work,Friendly people

Peter Paterson

a year ago

Office staff were very helpful


a year ago

Nice people&good company