Wallingat National Park, with its varied forest and swamp landscapes, offers hiking, touring, birdwatching and camping in a coastal locale. Here, on the Barrington Coast of NSW, the Pacific Ocean meets forest.

Whoota Whoota Lookout, Wallingat National Park

At Whoota Whoota lookout, one of Wallingat National Park’s most visited attractions, you’ll be overwhelmed by the beauty. Views expand down over Coomba Bay, Pacific Palms, Cape Hawke and Forster-Tuncurry. Can you spot the bridge that joins the twin towns?

Explore the park further and you’ll see stands of straight, tall flooded gums. At Sugar Creek, there are also stands of cabbage palms, filled with the sounds of Wallingat’s native birdlife. Pack the car and explore what this great park has to offer for a few hours. There’s camping at Wallingat River, and a picnic area at Sugar Creek.

Whoota Whoota Lookout Road, Wallingat National Park

A network of unsealed roads throughout the park allows you to discover its best features. Accessible by 2WD in dry weather, you can also explore them by mountain bike or horseback. There’s great fishing in the river and lake, and you can swim when the weather is warm. Keep your eyes peeled for kangaroos and wallabies, as well as some of the 200 species of birds that make Wallingat their home.

What did others have to say?

Laurie Power

a year ago

Fab spot, far from the madding crowd. Tranquil and pleasantly remote.

Rocky Coastline

2 years ago

This is one of the best viewing spots that I have know. With a great view over Forster NSW.

Mark Stoop

4 years ago

Amazing campsite in the middle of nowhere, next to the river. Just beautiful

micheal tripp

a year ago