Once a popular restaurant and souvenir shop, the Big Oyster in Taree is the Barrington Coast's very own 'big thing'.

The structure was the brainchild of brothers, Attila and Louis Mokany, whose parents had migrated to Australia from Hungary in the 1950s. Their first venture into ‘Big Things’ had been the Big Merino at Goulburn, followed by the Big Prawn at Ballina and, finally, the Big Oyster which was opened in 1990.

The complex showcased the local oyster growing industry and incorporated, amongst other things, a service station, Australian arts and crafts and souvenir shops.

In 1997 the Pacific Highway by-passed Taree depriving the site of its high visibility. The complex has since had a variety of uses and currently is home to a car dealership.

What did others have to say?

Mark Gregory

4 months ago

It's a car yard now

Istvan Kertesz

4 months ago

It is a shame that it is on top of an auto dealership

Shannon Lowe

10 months ago

It's an awesome building to look at. But sadly it's just a car yard now

Cameron De Jong

6 months ago

Absolutely incredible. The elevation, the magnificence, the deals

Grace Feenan

a year ago

Was everything I ever imagined. So beautiful, I cried. 100% would recommend to all age groups. Saw it as a tourist and a general fan of Taree, I miss it everyday.