Sinners & Saints Ice Creamery

Sinners & Saints Ice Creamery

2/20 Wharf St
Forster NSW 2428

Saturday 10am – 9pm Open today, 10am – 9pm

Sunday 10am – 4pm

Monday 12am – 4pm

Tuesday 12am – 4pm

Wednesday 12am – 4pm

Thursday 12am – 4pm

Friday 12am – 9pm


Unbeatable ice creams, gelato, sundaes, pancakes and sweets in Forster.

The popular consensus from hundreds of repeat customers from Australia and abroad is that Sinners and Saints Ice Creamery is one of the best in Australia.

We have one of the largest ranges in Australia including a range of no-fat and low fat gelatos for the more health conscious. Our milkshakes are spoken about right around the country and our fruit smoothies are popular with locals and visitors alike.

Adding to this a mouth watering array of sundaes, pancakes and sweets which has earned Sinners & Saints the reputation as one of the best Ice Creameries in the nation!

During school holidays Sinners & Saints is open until 9pm daily.

What did others have to say?

Rosalie Stubbin

a month ago

Delicious Forster ice creamery. So many good choices. A decent size cup or cone. And friendly fast serving staff. This place is very COVID safe. Option for cash or card. And you won’t need much as the prices are really good for a destination area. Made us all smile with our sweet toothed choices. A must stop in if you’re on the mid north coast. With beautiful beaches or the chance to shop And enjoy, you can make a quick stop in to this sweet ice creamery and take you back to your childhood dreams. Gluten and dairy free options and shakes etc are available I noted just for you google. Always say thank you!

Debra Robinson

4 months ago

Just had the most delicious waffle cone double scoop ice cream ever...highly recommend great ice cream and super friendly staff

Jeremie Sneddon

3 months ago

Personality of the staff were flat and really unwelcoming. The icecream was just plain and unpleasant. I don't know how this place got such high scores. I have had better icecream from a homebrand tub out of Woolies. Nothing special.

Daniel Edwards

in the last week

Highly recommend the Thick Shake!

Sharon Weir

a year ago

Ice cream was delicious. Service from the young guy was excellent, he was engaging, had a nice smile and was very welcoming. However the girl that was working with him was atrocious. Asked if she could help any of us, when given an order she went out the back and left the young guy to handle the order himself. Any time she was out the front she lent against the count along the wall and looked like she didn't want to be there.