Old Inn Road Vineyard

Old Inn Road Vineyard

441 Old Inn Rd
Bulahdelah NSW 2423

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A boutique vineyard near Bulahdelah with full-flavoured wines.

The Old Inn Road is a boutique vineyard at the foothills of the mountains west of Bulahdelah. Known as the gateway to the Myall Lakes National Park the region is blessed with forested hills and lakes to explore.

Geologically the vineyard lies on a vein of blue metal which, combined with the rich topsoil soil and warm climate provides a unique terroir. Wine made from grapes grown under these conditions is fresh and well structured with generous fruit flavours. Old Inn Road Vineyard does not conform to the conventional cellar door style, but rather offers a mobile cellar door at a selection of farmer markets, trade fairs, local liquor outlets, restaurants and online.

The fresh spring rain, long sunny days and mild dry winters are well suited to particular grape varieties. Verdelho, Chambourcin and Dolcetto grapes are grown and the vineyard area is fully netted to maximise berry quality and protect the fruit from birds.

Glft old inn road local hand picked wines

What did others have to say?

Zoe Geraki

a year ago

We bought these wines for the first time yesterday. The sparkling Dolcetto Rose Cabernet and the Chambourcin. Beautiful wines, and as someone else mentioned, very friendly people. Will definitely buy them again!

Celina Battig

2 years ago

Amazing wine, great variety, and such friendly people.

Erwin Jeremiah

3 years ago

Great wine and wonderful hosts. A must for white wine lovers

Melissa Smith

a year ago

Amazing wine and customer service.

Greg Russell

a year ago