Lattitude Rock dive site is made up of a series of gutters that run parallel to rocks creating a set of ‘maze like’ pathways for you to explore. The kelp covered reef slopes down to about 12 metres in depth and is home to a number of sea creatures such as Redline Shrimp, small Crayfish, and small rock-dwelling fish. Resident Blue Groper follow closely behind hoping to catch a feed (the rocky ledges are packed with sea urchins, perfect for feeding the Groper). If you are lucky enough, you might find a Loggerhead Turtle sleeping in the undercuts of the rock. Moray eels peek out of their holes and watch closely as you swim by, Wobbygong sharks rest on the bottom in amongst the kelp, Butterfly Cod float past, schools of Minnows and Catfish swarm like bees in their own little world.

A great dive for beginners right up to the advanced diver.