Love plants and things for the garden? Then head for the Ladybug Shop in Gloucester where you can also take a sweet trip down memory lane in their lolly shop.

The Ladybug Shop sells plants for your garden plus seedlings raised locally and seeds too. Pick up a cheeky garden ornament or two and then pop into their little lolly shop.

They say you’re never too old for a childhood memory and sometimes it’s just a lolly name that will take you back…. names like ‘humbug’ can easily open the doors back to when you were young and excited by the endless colours and shapes of treats that were oh-so-sweet.

And try the fudge which already is a big hit with ten flavours to choose from, it’s Aussie made and gluten free so it’s even a little bit healthy, sort of.

OPEN: Monday-Friday 9.00am-4.00pm; Saturday 9.00am-2.00pm