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The best coffee beans from around the world, roasted locally at Rainbow Flat.

At Journey Made Coffee Roasters, we’re shaking things up on the bean scene. Ever since we laid eyes on the humble brew, we’ve been hooked. The first sniff. That satisfying slurp. Quite simply, we love the stuff.

Every individual bean – whether it forms part of an innovative blend, or remains a sumptuous single origin – has made its own epic journey to reach your coffee cup.

We sustainably source only the best coffee from diverse destinations, including Ethiopia, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Kenya. So you can savour a range of delectable flavours and transport yourself all over the world, in the comfort of your own kitchen.

We believe creating excellent coffee doesn’t have to be super highbrow or overly complex. No elitism. No snobbery. Just consistently top-notch coffee that tickles your taste buds every time.

Because we’re on a mission to make coffee accessible for everyone. And it all starts by bringing the world’s best coffee directly to your doorstep.

We use a state-of-the-art fluid bed roaster that uses hot air to heat and agitate the coffee. This process is controlled by an on-board micro controller that can measure and adjust the temperature up to 10 times a second leading to a more consistent product, roast after roast.

We offer various training courses aimed at the home barista to the commercial roaster to help you along on your coffee journey.

Plus we have a range of must-have coffee accessories available at our online shop.

Journey Made Coffee Roasters beans
Journey Made Coffee Roasters beans
Journey Made Coffee master roaster
Journey Made Coffee master roaster
Journey Made Coffee Roasters crema
Journey Made Coffee Roasters crema