To offer people a safe quality surfing experience while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the Great Lakes Area. We provide the opportunity to learn to surf or to improve your surf skills and at the same time, to have fun and challenge yourself.

We also offer the young surfers in our area a chance to improve their surfing ability & their knowledge of the ocean & the general environment.

We operate between Seals Rocks & Forster depending on the conditions.



  • How to ride a surfboard
  • Surf awareness
  • Surf safety


  • How to turn a surfboard
  • How to take off and drop down a forming wave
  • Surfing maneuvers
  • HEADZONE Radio Control Helmet coaching


  • Technique improvement with video
  • Contest strategies
  • Fitness training
  • Specialized skill drills - both mental & physical
  • HEADZONE Radio Control Helmet coaching

ALL : Video services available

What better way to bond than everyone trying the spiritual and satisfying surfing experience.

What did others have to say?

Elizabeth Giles

a year ago

I took six reluctant kids from 12 to 17 years of age for a beginners lesson. They all left buzzing and wanting to do it all again tomorrow. Simon chose a great, safe spot and was kind, fun and patient. The lesson was a generous 90 minutes and the kids will sleep like logs tonight. One didn't even make it to dinner. Perfect amount of time. My daughter really feels the cold and Simon catered to her needs by providing her with a full wetsuit. It was an awesome experience they won't forget.

Rasmine Giles

a year ago


Jezza Pankhurst

a year ago


Jack Giles

a year ago