At 200 metres, Ellenborough Falls is the tallest single drop waterfall in New South Wales and amongst the tallest in the southern hemisphere. It's an iconic experience of the Manning Valley area in the Barrington Coast.

At the top of the falls near the car park is the first viewing platform and nearby there's a short walk to another viewing area near the waterfall drop-off. Both of these are easy effort.

A strenuous option is to descend 641 steps to the bottom of the falls to see the waters tumbling down towards you from the bottom of the ravine.

What did others have to say?

Chris Brown

a month ago

Great view, sadly no mobile coverage.

Miss Fluffykins

in the last week

Took the 641 steps to the bottom of the waterfall. Damp leaf litter can make it slippery but there are handrails. Once at the bottom you can go for a swim or just find a spot to sit and enjoy the spray from the waterfall. Definitely need decent fitness to make the climb back up. There's a few seats along the way if you need a rest.

obaid noor

a month ago

Nice zen like place, good for spending a day to take one’s mind off the daily routine and taking that disconnect. The sound of the waterfall calms the nerves. My kids would get massively bored if i took them here ... so do think about what your kids enjoy as there isn’t much to do for them. Take something warm to wear as it can get really cold and a portable oven/grill to make your own coffee, warm food up, if you are deciding to stay for a few hours

Rachel Scoltock

a month ago

Its amazing beautiful nature and walk. Spectacular waterfall. Eleventy billion steps My legs hurt two days later!! I felt off driving away. It's got strange vibes. I think there should be more about the Traditional owners and Aboriginal history and culture. Its a sad place as well as a beautiful one. There's been a lot of loss here including massacres in settler times. It would be great if this was commemorated. Maybe it would balance the energy.

Mark Elrick

a month ago

A great walk down to the foot of the falls giving the legs a good workout I can still feel two days later! Lovely kiosk at the top with home made treats, I don't know if this is open every day or just weekends.