Buccan Buccans

Buccan Buccans

Gloucester NSW 2422

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The remarkable mountain range overlooking Gloucester in the Barrington Coast.

The Aboriginal name for the Bucketts Mountains is the Buccan Buccans and they are intrinsically linked to Gloucester and its surrounding valleys.

Stop a moment to admire these remarkable rocky cliffs that were described by the AACo’s Robert Dawson, the first European to see them in 1826, as “monuments in the wilderness, like the turrets of a fortified place with the appearance of ivy-clad ruins.” And then give more thought to the aboriginal inhabitants, to whom this place has been sacred for 60,000 years or more. Not fortified, just blessed.

There are several ways to admire the Buccan Buccans.

1. From afar: At the opposite side of the valley at Mograni Lookout on the Bucketts Way you'll find the best observation point to admire the valley and the mountains around you. To your left is the Mograni Range and below you lies the town of Gloucester nestled on a quiet bend of the Gloucester River beneath the Buccan Buccans.

2. From up close: Take the Buccan Buccans Circuit scenic drive, departing from Gloucester and head towards the village of Barrington on Thunderbolts Way. Cross the Barrington River on the new bridge (also note the Aboriginal name for the river: Barandan) and turn left into Barrington West Road. This road reveals the western face of the Buccan Buccans as you follow the Barrington River to Rocky Crossing. You can swim and picnic here, and it's a popular spot for launching canoes and kayaks. Depending on the river height, you can cross the river & follow Barrington West Road into the adjoining valley, crossing the Gloucester River to join Faulkland Road. Further views of the Buccan Buccans are seen as you head back towards the Bucketts Way on either Faulkland Road or Gloucester Tops Road.

3. From even closer: Take a walk to the base of the Buccans Buccans on the Lions Club Bucketts Scenic Walk. The entrance to the walk is on Bucketts Road just 1km from Thunderbolts Way. Pick up a helpful brochure about this walk from the Gloucester visitor information centre.

What did others have to say?

Natalie Millar

8 months ago

Views are magical however it is a very steep and boring walk straight up a grassy hill. I took my 9 year old and he slipped 5 times. Had I known it was that steep I would have picked another walk.

Jeremy Hall

3 months ago

Beautiful scenery and not a long walk however it does get very steep in parts. The Trail runs along the fence not on the dirt track as it looks to begin with

Noeleen Andrews

a month ago

Steep climb but well worth it

Yasir S

10 months ago

Great place for amature hiking. Excellent for kids, they were quite enthusiastic about reaching the top. The views from top are wonderful. The top part of hill is a bit steep so need to be careful in wet weather. It gets quite slippery during wet weather so descend can get challenging.


11 months ago

First time to be in this area and it was amazing. Beautiful hilly area, very nice to drive. It was a short walk to the top but you will be welcome with a very steep hill straight away to climb up. You need a pair of good hiking shoes or shoes with a good grip. Lots of rock climbing on the top and very slippery. Be very careful no railing and pretty much a cliff edge. But once you get on top you get a beautiful 360 view.