Fine art prints plus personal & business branding

Ardent Soul Photography is a retailer of museum grade fine art prints in sustainably sourced timber frames. I work with designers, architects and developers to deliver artwork for personal and commercial projects effortlessly and effectively.

Alongside our print range, I offer personal and business branding photography. I aim to capture the essence of you and your business, telling visual stories of the people and products behind the brand. Connect authentically with your audience and capture memories of you and your team doing what you love, through down to earth, professional brand photography.

I am passionate about getting outdoors and living life to the full. I believe sunsets are good for the soul and that being out in nature can speak to us in ways that our smartphones never will. In a world that keeps us busier for longer, I hope my art (be it for your walls or your website) will make you stop and stare, take a deep breath and connect to that innate longing inside all of us for beauty, joy and purpose.

About the Artist:

Originally from Central West NSW, Kali has spent the past 15 years exploring Australia and the world. From rusty old shearing sheds out west to the Great Pyramid of Giza, you can be sure to find Kali there, camera in hand, just waiting for that perfect light. Her stunning photographs are displayed in homes and businesses worldwide.