Andy's Cherry Pie Cafe

Andy's Cherry Pie Cafe

17 Bengal St
Coolongolook NSW 2423

Monday 7am – 5pm Open today, 7am – 5pm

Tuesday 7am – 5pm

Wednesday 7am – 5pm

Thursday 7am – 5pm

Friday 7am – 5pm

Saturday 7am – 5pm

Sunday 7am – 5pm

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Famous for cherry pies by the highway at Coolongolook.

Renowned for their cherry pies but they also serve a lot more: chicken kebabs, falafel wraps, burgers, even spinach and feta gozleme.

Andys Cherry Pie Cafe

What did others have to say?

Pauline Flannery

5 months ago

This place surprised us. A fancy looking petrol station across the road but people were going to Andy's Cherry Pie instead. The food was generous with quick service. We could here people commenting on how great the meals were. The building isn't modern but it doesn't matter. There was a constant flow of happy people and a warm atmosphere. The food was not expensive and we are looking forward to eating our cherry pie!

Jenny Fisher

2 months ago

Andy’s Cherry Pie Cafe did not disappoint we ordered the burger with the lot.. meat pattie was home made, the whole burger was generous and delicious, chips were great and there was a choice of sauce too. We also ordered the pancakes with butterscotch sauce.. they were served as small pikelets, very delicious and freshly made with fresh cream yummy!!!!! Good because we were sharing!! Could not leave without buying a freshly baked cherry pie which we will sample later on our travels. Rates far better than the food you would have bought in any of the service stations on the same intersection… don’t pass it up

Arafat Tehsin

3 months ago

Great, hardworking young staff with a bit of tried faces. They made a wonderful coffee. I would highly recommend you to stop there and be very nice to them. They deserve a lot of respect.

Bo A

11 months ago

Real cherries, warmed up, it is absolutely delicious. Andy is also always ready for some banter and a good chat

Shane Dagwell

a year ago

Stop in and have a break from driving and get some Rosie's chicken, a piece of cherry pie and a nice coffee. You'll love it.